Startup Acquisition Stories with Harinderpreet Singh, Founder of MicMonster

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Harinderpreet Singh, founder of MicMonster, a text to speech cloud-based SaaS, recently sold the business for six figures on 

With a strong background in SEO and a thriving affiliate marketing business, Hardinderpreet originally had the idea for a free text-to-speech tool purely as a way to capture emails and generate a bigger audience for his affiliate reach. The idea worked as he planned when it came to capturing emails but the transition of selling to those leads the SaaS tools from his affiliate network proved unsuccessful.

Without knowing it, he had built a successful freemium SaaS product with a bit of traction. He decided to add a few additional features for a paid version and got his first few sales from the initial sign ups through upsells. It only grew from there as Micmonster was an early player in the text-to-speech space along with the technology quickly advancing to make the end product better and better.

As for how Harinderpreet came to the decision to sell MicMonster, he shares that it was always the plan since day one. Harinderpreet was already an aspiring buyer on and had been browsing the vast selection of SaaS products on the marketplace. He knew when it was time for him to sell his SaaS that would be the best choice because all the SaaS founders and buyers seemed most active there. He was right.

After listing Micmonster across a few different other marketplaces, the only place he got traction was on And not just any traction, a LOT of it. All-in-all, Harinderpreet was able to land an LOI in less than 10 days and close the deal shortly after.

Watch this episode and hear Harinderpreet’s full story, along with the additional tips he shared on how to prepare your SaaS business for a sale.

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