Sell Your Business Internationally With’s Multilingual M&A Team

Today, we invite you to break down the walls separating your business from the international buying community with help from our multilingual M&A advisory. After several recent multimillion-dollar exits across borders, we’ve developed the playbook to help you sell to a global audience, which opens up your buyer pool, drives up your valuation, and gets you acquired at the highest price and friendliest terms. 

As a truly global marketplace, connects you with over 500k qualified buyers across 130 countries. Until now, unfamiliar laws and foreign languages might’ve prevented you from entering into acquisition discussions with buyers overseas. Now, you can embrace this international community with help from our M&A advisors, many of whom speak several languages including Spanish and Portuguese. 

Buyer demand is the biggest driver of your company’s valuation. Nothing else comes close – not your technology, financials, operations, or people. With multiple offers in hand, you can negotiate a higher asking price and friendlier terms. Worried about leaving money on the table? Then give every potential buyer candidate a seat, including those who may be overseas or speak another language. 

“The more buyers you bring to the table, the easier it is to sell your business,” Rosa said. “You need to maximize your reach, harvest the biggest possible area of potential candidates, to get the price and terms you want and the best fit for your business. Relying solely on your local buyer pool limits your outcome.”

Having already helped several large SaaS startups in Spain and Latin America get acquired by US buyers, the M&A team, headed by President Rosa Romaine, understands the anxiety international exits can cause. Unfamiliar laws and customs may seem like obstacles, but with our help, you can overcome them to find motivated and capable buyers searching for startups like yours.

“International acquisitions might seem a little scary, but our team can help you navigate language barriers and local laws to make the process easy for you,” Rosa said. “Geography, culture, and language are not an issue when you get the right help. You can feel just as comfortable negotiating with overseas buyers as local ones when your M&A advisor applies their language skills (some are natively bilingual) to the deal.”

The M&A team recently helped SwearIt, a Spanish company, get acquired by US fund, 1840 Ventures. The founder couldn’t speak English nor the buyer Spanish, leaving Rosa and General Counsel James Graves to translate and help the buyer create a Spanish business entity to acquire the company. Without Rosa and James’s help, miscommunication and foreign bureaucracy may have killed the deal. 

“Local laws can require more time-consuming or laborious processes than you’re used to in your own country,” James said. “But selling your business for a better price and terms more than makes up for the extra work. Now you have an M&A expert to mediate in another language, to liaise with the buyer’s counsel, and overcome the international challenges that might otherwise become obstacles to your exit.”

Entering the acquisition process for the first time can feel like climbing a mountain. Selling internationally, like scaling several mountains. But our multilingual M&A advisors are here to help you ascend toward the best possible outcome. From marketing your listing to legal support, buyer meetings to due diligence, we’ll help you find the right buyer (and offer) wherever they reside, ensuring you get the guidance you need to close your international acquisition safely and with the right deal structure in place. 

Are you selling a profitable SaaS with at least $100k in TTM revenue? Want to maximize buyer interest? See if you qualify for an international M&A advisor by applying to Guided by Acquire. With end-to-end acquisition support as standard, we’ll empower you to get the best outcome for your exit. Apply now.

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