Startup Acquisition Stories with Varun Kundra, Co-Founder of Beam Commerce

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Varun Kundra is the co-founder of Beam Commerce, a startup specialized in building and growing Shopify Apps. More recently, he’s been acquiring, growing, and then selling Shopify Apps as well.

Varun’s sold three Shopify Apps on already! The most recent exit was one he originally acquired for $70,000 on last February (see tweet below).

Fun fact – he ended up selling this most recent one to a buyer who had previously acquired one of his other apps also on!

Watch this episode and learn more about buying and selling Shopify Apps. Varun shares his dead simple steps to evaluate a buyer’s level of seriousness as a seller. On the flip-side, Varun flexes his expertise a bit and gives a great breakdown of how he does due diligence on Shopify Apps from a buyer’s perspective.

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