Startup Acquisition Stories With David Idol, Founder of Computer Mouse For XCloud

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In a moment of frustration, David Idol created his first successful Chrome extension, Computer Mouse for XCloud.

In just a few short months, he was making $4,000 per month in revenue and he eventually sold his project for 5-figures.

Here’s how it happened.

David was working at Microsoft for Xbox Live when they launched XCloud, their cloud gaming application. It let players stream games from other devices like computers or phones. 

But David noticed a problem. Gamers weren’t able to play games on their PCs without special controllers. He coded a Chrome extension letting gamers use their keyboards for games on the PC. He posted about it on Reddit and almost overnight acquired thousands of users. 

After three months, David added a one-time payment to access his product and reached $4,000 in monthly revenue and over 250,000 users. People around the world wrote him emails and reviews thanking him for the extension. He’d even made it easier for disabled people to enjoy Xbox games.

But though Computer Mouse for XCloud was exploding in popularity, David didn’t feel he had time to keep adding features. He listed it on and eventually sold it to a promising buyer.

Post sale, tune into this week’s episode of startup acquisition stories as David and Andrew discuss:

  • How David went from hacking Xbox games to working for Microsoft
  • Why David’s product name was great for traffic
  • The dangers of potential buyers for Chrome extensions
  • How to transfer ownership of Chrome extensions

Now David has a new project for IOS called Photoarchive. It helps you decide whether or not you want recent photos to be backed up or not, saving. It’s still in beta, but you can check out the webpage below.

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