Startup Acquisition Stories With Adam Senese, Founder of Linq Commerce

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What would you do if you were stuck in a cabin during an Icelandic snowstorm?

Adam Senese and his brother came up with their Shopify app for product bundling, Linq Commerce, trapped in an Airbnb for the day during the dead of the Icelandic winter.

The co-founders went home and launched Linq Commerce in early 2020 right as covid hit the world and people scrambled for new ways to make money online. It ended up being a record year for new Shopify stores. Within weeks, Adam and his brother had over 1,000 users on their app.

Linq Commerce grew steadily from there, but after two years of building, Adam and his brother felt they weren’t the right owners to grow Linq to the next level. It was time to find a buyer.

Adam listed on in late 2022 and sold to a promising buyer for five figures in six months.

Post-acquisition, listen to Adam’s chat with Andrew Gazdecki as they discuss:

  • Why Shopify apps are great for first-time SaaS founders
  • How to find product-market fit with any SaaS product
  • The importance of goodwill between buyers and sellers
  • Why sellers should start with a slightly lower asking price if they want a good sale price

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