Wil Schroter of Startups.com Explains How to Sell a Failing VC-Backed Startup and Make Money For Everyone

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Most venture-backed startups fail. 

It’s a well known fact, yet many venture-backed founders choose to burn out and ride their dying startups into the ground. Few realize they have options like M&A that could salvage their business for both themselves and their investors.

Wil Schroter, founder of Startups.com knows all about failing startups. He founded nine different startups over 30 years despite one of his first businesses crashing due to lack of capital.

When his business failed, Wil was perplexed. A business valued in the millions with happy customers and even profits was still able to fall apart to nothing. It defied logic and he felt the business surely should still be valuable to someone.

It caused Wil to spend years talking to people in San Francisco trying to understand exactly how to sell and buy dying VC-backed startups.

After meetings with over 100 failing VC-backed businesses, Wil created his company Startups.com by buying the assets of six burnt-out VC startups. Since then, he’s made an estimated 50 times ROI from his buys.

Tune in to an extra-special episode of Startup Acquisition Stories with Wil and Andrew as they discuss a topics rarely heard about outside of corporate boardrooms like:

  • How to know it’s time to throw in the towel on your VC-backed startup
  • How to break the news that you want to leave your startup to your board
  • Which types of buyers will want to buy your startup
  • How to restructure your startup so that it is as desirable as possible to potential buyers.

Wil’s isn’t just getting started – he’s been doing what he does for decades. Follow his journey at:

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