Startup Acquisition Stories with Dani Parra Ibanez and Drilon Sqn, Founder of TrustApps

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Don’t Be Afraid to Make a Business that Others Are Doing, Just do it Better

Working a nine-to-five can be a great launchpad for a successful SaaS application. Just ask Belgian founders Dani Ibanez and Drilon Sqn. Using their industry experience, they created a review application for Shopify called TrustReviews and sold it for six figures.

Dani and Drilon look similar (and even finish each other’s sentences) but they’ve pursued very different careers. Drilon is a software engineer and a cybersecurity consultant for the Belgian government. Dani worked in ecommerce marketing, advertising, and media buying for a handful of big-name clients.

When they started brainstorming products to build together, Dani remembered his problems with product review apps from his marketing days. Many review platforms were two years behind on features like video reviews, for example. They built their own application and grew it rapidly through word of mouth and listening to customer feedback.

They were proud of TrustReviews but when they got wind of a real-estate flip opportunity in Belgium, TrustReviews was the product they owned that was most easily sellable.

They hopped on Acquire unsure they could actually sell TrustReviews but ended up closing the six-figure deal in a staggering two weeks. They walked away with more than enough to close their real estate deal.

Listen to their talk with Andrew post acquisition as they discuss:

  • Why you shouldn’t grow a Shopify app too quickly
  • What to do with a windfall of money.
  • The best parts of the integration
  • A key feature they added to their website that boosted sales

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