Startup Acquisition Stories with Martin Galovic, Founder of FanMetrics

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The viral application OnlyFans, has rocketed many adult content creators to enormous fortunes. While just how much most creators make is unknown, one developer found out how to guess the numbers and it made him a small fortune.

Martin Galovic, a 22 year old developer from the Czech Republic developed an application for tracking Onlyfans model incomes called Fansmetrics. And he sold it for over a million dollars in 2023.

When Martin was 20 he was browsing through Twitter and Instagram when he noticed a couple of models he followed were posting Onlyfans links in their bios. He looked at their accounts and realized some of them must be making tens of thousands of dollars per month.

As an entrepreneur, Martin was curious exactly how much these models were making. He speedily coded a basic website with a backend similar to an Excel spreadsheet. It estimated how much a model made by multiplying the number of subscribers by the price per subscription and then multiplying that number by 1.3. 

Martin posted a link to his project online and went to bed. The next day so many people were visiting the site that his free hosting plan kept crashing.

From there on out, Martin had 200 to 300 people visiting Fansmetrics every day. He even had some of the models emailing him asking him to take their profile down because the numbers were very accurate.

Within a year, Fansmetrics was receiving one million views every month and was growing by 50 percent every month. Once he started making $1,500 per month, Martin quit his day job to focus on it full time.

However, Martin’s previous boss gave him some advice: great companies are bought not sold. Once Martin began receiving staggering offers from potential buyers, he decided he’d list on to see what he could get. The offers poured in though he eventually sold to a German company that was willing to give him a cash deal.

Listen to Martin’s talk with Andrew as they discuss:

  • What to do after receiving a windfall amount of money
  • How to deal with a rapidly scaling business
  • What you need to do to close a million-dollar sale

Now Martin is working on new projects in the adult entertainment space including a CRM for Onlyfans agencies called FansIQ and an AI girlfriend simulator called Follow him on his entrepreneurial journey here:

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