Startup Acquisition Stories with Ken Savage, Founder of Product Launch Pro

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Is there a formula for explosive product growth? Ken Savage thinks so. 

He created an agency specialized in marketing growth hacks called Product Launch Pro. This past year, he sold it for a six figure acquisition.

You could say Ken was an early adopter in the tech modern world. He started his coding career in the 1980s. In the 90s, he was one of the first on the internet. He taught himself HTML from an HTML For Dummies book and bought the domain

Once he’d learned how to make web pages, Ken knocked on doors in industrial parks to see if they wanted one. Most of the time they did and he created 100 websites in a year.

Ken hopped over to SEO and digital marketing in the following decade. He became obsessed with finding hacks for explosive growth. In the early 2000s, that meant keyword stuffing articles. As time went on and SEO became more tricky, he learned to make highly compelling online content.

Ken’s specialty became lead magnets that were too interesting to ignore. One magnet targeting cybersecurity companies included an incomplete video of a hack in progress that required customers input an email to see the whole thing.

His package was simple, pay him $1,000 and he’d expedite your growth in a month. He was so good at it that people started asking for more months of growth. Eventually, Ken quit his day job because he was making so much money through his own agency.

Finally, Ken realized he wanted a job that didn’t require his full time all the time. He listed on Acquire and sold for six figures. Now he’s trying to make a community-based marketing business called Launch Club where people can join and boost each others’ marketing efforts online.

Listen to Ken’s conversation with Andrew as they discuss:

  • Ken’s explosive marketing techniques
  • Ken’s vetting strategy for avoiding tire kicker buyers
  • One interesting piece of information Ken thinks all sellers should give buyers

Ken’s just getting started and you can follow his future ventures here:

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