Startup Acquisition Stories with Yahia Bakour, Co-founder of Stock Alarm

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Believe it or not, customers sometimes want to receive phone calls from applications. Especially if they’re calling themselves.

Yahia Bakour cofounded Stock Alarm, an app that calls you when a target stock makes significant moves specified by you. He and his cofounder Morgan grew it from a handful of customers to hundreds of thousands of users in just three years. They sold it on Acquire in 2023 for half a million dollars.

It just so happened Yahia was working on a stock alert application when he saw another founder was marketing a similar product. This one looked better than his but lacked basic functions. Yahia offered to help the founder fix it on the side and was counter offered a cofounder position.

He took it, and the two set out to grow it from its current $100 MRR rate.

Their first customers were mostly friends and family. Yahia sped things up by creating Quora accounts to talk about his product and brought it to the top of the Google and IOS app stores.

The biggest boost came during the meme stock uprising in 2020 when thousands of retail investors pumped up the price of Gamestop and AMC to record levels.

But both founders weren’t passionate about the stock space. Their B2C app with hundreds of thousands of users required constant vigilance for outages. They decided to sell on and take their time back.

After three months and loads of interest, they finally closed their dream exit of $500,000 and learned some valuable lessons about maintaining P&Ls along the way.

Listen to Yahia’s talk with Andrew to learn:

  • Looking for buyers that will give you what you want
  • What to tell buyers to get them interested in your product

Yahia’s just getting started and you can follow his journey here:

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