Startup Acquisition Stories with Salvatore Aiello, Co-founder of DimeADozen

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Every founder knows they can take their business to the moon if they know how to sell. However, once they are ready to sell their business, many don’t realize they need to use the same skill set to entice buyers.

Technical founder Salvatore Aiello cofounded two startups with product designer Monica Powers called DimeADozen AI and Launchmates. Both helped founders build their businesses with the help of AI advisors.

They decided to sell both businesses, but couldn’t maintain much buyer interest. After speaking to our advisor team, they made two crucial tweaks to their outreach process and clinched a $150,000 deal.

Here’s how it all started:

Self-taught developer and career fractional CTO, Sal, had been playing around with artificial generative intelligence (AGI) long before ChatGPT came into the game.

Sal met his cofounder, Monica, while working together on another project called QuickGame. Together, they came up with an interesting new concept: A chatbot that could take basic information about any business and print out industry-specific advice for how to grow it.

Sal put all of the prompts together in four days and launched a rough website for Then they sent emails to AI newsletters asking them to list the product.

A handful of $9 payments for different reports started to trickle in. Then they created another product called Launchmates, an AI assistant giving founders advice on everything from web copy to tools to grow their business. One influencer put up a viral video with Launchmates in it making them $15,000 in just three days.

But Sal and Monica were Itching to move on to other projects and knew B2B SaaS wasn’t their passion. In less than a year, they listed both projects as a package deal on and sold in just a few months.

Listen to Sal’s talk with Andrew Gazdecki to learn:

  • The power of the “sociopath salesperson mindset” in M&A
  • Sal’s advice to technical founders who are scared to launch
  • Sal’s secret sauce for validating your product

Salvatore and Monica are just getting started, you can follow their journeys at:

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