Startup Acquisition Stories with JK Molina, Co-founder of Tweet Hunter

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What should an entrepreneur do after exiting their company? Buy a yacht? Sit on a beach for the next year? Start a new business?

Andrew had a bit of a different podcast with JK Molina, one of the founding members of recently sold Tweet scheduling and inspiration app, Tweet Hunter. We previously wrote an article about his journey in our publication, Bootstrappers.

Starting an application aiding people writing engaging tweets during a usage spike on Twitter in 2022 paid off. JK and his two co-founders sold Tweet Hunter for a cool $1.4 million roughly six months ago. All three founders received a substantial payout. 

Instead of a normal interview, JK wanted to talk to Andrew about his advice for other founders who just sold.

For those unfamiliar with Andrew’s history, he got into entrepreneurship in college with a tool called Bizness Apps. In eight years, he grew his team and brought it to an eventual acquisition for a (undisclosed) life-changing sum.

Since then, he’s started two other businesses (one of them, worked in sales at a pre Series A startup, and bought his dream car. Some of his moves post acquisition he believes were amazing – others he advises founders avoid altogether.

Tune in this episode for a reverse podcast where our own Andrew Gazdecki discusses:

  • What he did after selling his first business, Bizness Apps (this included becoming world ranked on Madden)
  • What he wishes he hadn’t done after selling
  • The most important clause to check in your employment contract.
  • Some tips for being a successful salesperson.
  • The most important things to buy once you have money.
  • How to begin working on a new project after a sale.

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