Startup Acquisition Stories with Jason Allan Scott, Founder of A Podcast Company

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Serial entrepreneur Jason Allan Scott recently sold his international podcast agency, aptly named “A Podcast Company”, on He found the experience to be one of the smoothest exits he’s been a part of and shares his journey in this interview.

Having been entrepreneurially-driven since the age of five, Jason had started a range of endeavors from a beauty pageant and swimming school to companies in the medtech and events industry. Proud of his hard working character, it wasn’t until going blind for a few days and being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis did Jason think about “slowing down” and pivoting to start a fully online business.

Jason decided to take advantage of his vast experience in events and try to build a marketplace connecting event planners with venues. But the marketplace idea failed to even start due to an incompetent CTO (when asked what language the code was being built it, the guy answered “English”). Fortunately, Jason had started a podcast in tandem as a way to bring an audience along with his journey. The success of the podcast was completely unexpected but turned out to be his saving grace.

Hear Jason tell his story, only the way that he can, and learn:

  • How his podcast gave him the unwitting knowledge to build what would be the foundational services he’d offer for his podcast agency.
  • How he knew he had product market fit. (Spoiler: 10x’d pricing and the customers still came knocking).
  • His tips from selling an agency around prep, de-risking the transition, buyer management, and more.
  • How he compares to other platforms he’s sold previous businesses on such as Flippa.

Jason’s just getting started and you can follow him on Twitter and Linkedin to catch his next act:

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