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Alex Rainey is the founder of three different SasS businesses which he all sold between 2022 to 2023. He’s learned a few things through his experience and has found it’s quite a repeatable process made even easier with Alex joins Andrew on the podcast to talk through his journey getting started and shares his tips for any founders looking to successfully sell their startup on

Alex has a background as a tech consultant for Accenture prior to jumping into full founder mode with a travel startup that raised pre-seed dollars. Unfortunately, the pandemic led him to sell the startup but the silver lining from that unsavory experience put him into the path of indiehacking smaller SaaS businesses instead. Finding opportunity within niche pockets, he was able to generate a few profitable SaaS businesses that he parlayed into exits on Ultimately, he landed in the AI space where he’s currently on a roll with his latest and most promising SaaS startup (

Alex shares a trove of knowledge through his experience selling three SaaS startups in a short span:

  • Why it’s imperative to validate revenue traction to achieve the exit you want
  • What buyers care about most during negotiations
  • How to spot the serious buyers against certain characteristics
  • How to position your listing in the top 10% by doing a bit of upfront prep
  • Why listing your business sooner rather than later can give you insights on what you’re worth and what areas to improve

Here’s where you can go to follow Alex and see what he’s building next:

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