Startup Acquisition Stories with Anita Kirkovska, Co-founder of VoicePen

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Co-founders Anita Kirkovska and Marina Trajkovska recently sold their no-code SaaS business Biyo, a personal bio page featuring videos and links for creators, on

[Editor’s Note: Although Biyo was pre-revenue, it was approved by the team due to it’s proven heavy traction (having 10,000+ users) and a robust working product.]

Prior to becoming founders, Anita worked across a few different early stage startups holding marketing/growth roles while Marina had a similar journey with startups but as a QA engineer turned developer.

Both founders are big proponents of building with no-code after witnessing the speed and flexibility to launch products and have built multiple tools as a result in the recent years. Biyo was one of them which they built-in-public to foster traction and also used it to dispel the notion that no-code products were not good/scalable or just ugly. They achieved both goals – gaining 10,000+ users as a result of their public journey and was praised by the community for its great aesthetic and usability. Even with all the positives, the decision to sell ultimately came down to a combination of not wanting to raise money to compete with the saturated ‘link-in-bio’ landscape and the founder-market incompatibility where Anita and Marina couldn’t envision growing Biyo longterm.

The result is them listing the business on, getting a slew of buyer interest, and closing a deal within two months time.

Watch the full episode to hear Anita describe how she brilliantly managed all the buyer inquiries and put an extra effort to de-risk the acquisition for non-technical buyers which is exactly who ended up acquiring the business.

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