Startup Acquisition Stories with Joe Benjamin, Founder of RevPilots

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Joe Benjamin is a serial entrepreneur with an extensive background in sales for early stage startups. Having founded two different businesses rooted in sales already Joe witnessed the importance of having founder-market fit as it relates to success.

Joe’s third startup Renewal Tracking, a B2B SaaS for tracking software subscriptions, was born out of opportunity rather than expertise or passion. Although the business grew with good traction, Joe was always more drawn to his other business RevPilots, a marketplace for fractional sales talent. So he decided it was time to sell.

Learning from his previous experience selling a SaaS business, he knew the most difficult part of selling a company was finding interested and qualified buyers. And knowing that has one of the largest and most active buyer pools, it was a no-brainer to list it here.

It proved to be the right decision. Joe got a good amount of buyer interest by the second day after going live (the first day was blindsided by the SVB fallout) and got a written LOI by the seventh day from the buyer who would ultimately acquire the business.

Watch Joe share his experience selling his SaaS business and get his tips on how to find the right buyer.

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