Startup Acquisition Stories with Colin Dougherty, Director of Marketing at Zenlytic

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Colin Dougherty is a full-time marketing leader, freelance photographer, and the founder of CAMSKNS, an eCommerce business selling protective and colorful camera skins, which he sold on earlier this year.

Colin always had the idea for the type of camera skins he envisioned but it only became a real business after partnering with a local manufacturer that could both make the product AND was willing to take a chance in working with him, a guy with little money or track-record of success.

When deciding to sell, Colin chose between and another platform that was supposedly more geared towards selling eCommerce businesses. The result? won by a landslide: 30 buyer inquiries versus just one buyer inquiry from the other platform.

Watch Colin’s full episode to hear some of the learnings he took away from the experience and what surprised him most about the acquisition process. Plus, don’t miss him describing the surreal moment at closing when the funds hit his bank account. Priceless!

Follow Colin as he leads marketing for an early stage startup. And who knows, maybe the start of his next business in the near future:

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