Startup Acquisition Stories with Ihor Stefurak, Co-founder of Mentalwalk

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When you hear the phrase “builders build ?”, they are probably referring to Ihor Stefurak. After building his first product in 2015 as part of a startup accelerator, and later sold in 2019, he started building products at scale for himself in 2017. Since then has produced some impressive stats:

  • 40 products/experiments built
  • 10 out of 40 were sold
  • 5 out of 40 he’s kept in his portfolio

One of his latest products was an AI writing Chrome extension called Type Slash AI. The extension could be pulled up in any native text box (i.e. when crafting a tweet) to help you write copy with a single command. The kicker was Ihor used ChatGPT as his CTO to help build it ?

Ihor got quite the reception to Type Slash AI – receiving 3m views on his tweet thread and getting a profile on Business Insider – and ultimately decided to sell the product on

While Ihor loves building new products he’s passionate about understanding different mental models that’s been helpful to his life and is currently building Mentalwalk – set of tools that help people learn to think.

Watch the full episode to hear Ihor’s story and learn how he approaches selling a SaaS product after having done it a few times already.

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