Startup Acquisition Stories with Marco Fazio, CEO of Hypeal

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Marco Fazio recently sold his Shopify eCommerce business, LITO Travel, on Marco’s background is in marketing and gained his great knowledge around running an eCommerce business from his past experiences at Adidas and Solo Brands.

Having started LITO Travel as a side business along with his full-time job, he needed to make a choice for his focus and decided to sell the business as it had become more than he could manage.

After exploring multiple options, Marco believed that was the best platform for him to sell his business (and he was right!). He was introduced to an advisor that was part of the network (Marty Fahncke) to help manage his acquisition process and found a serial buyer that met all the criteria to take over the business.

Hear Marco share why he preferred going with a serial buyer and other tips around when a founder should think about selling their eCommerce business.

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