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Guillaume Bardet successfully sold his SaaS business, Qlearly, on earlier this year (2023). Guillaume’s background was in the music industry where he booked up-and-coming artists for events in Miami and even booked Avicii (RIP) to his first ever show there.

During this time, Guillaume juggled a range of tasks while working with multiple artists and needed a tool to help keep track of it all. So he built Qlearly as the solution for his own problem and soon found many others who needed a similar solution as well.

The decision to sell came when Guillaume realized he could not take the business to it’s potential while slowly losing the passion to continue building. Right then, he knew it was time to sell the business and allow someone else take Qlearly to the level he knew it could reach.

After listing the business on and getting up to 60 buyer messages at one point, Guillaume was able to cash in most of his Qlearly chips while keeping some of the upside by retaining a 10% ownership stake to advise the new buyer.

Hear Guillaume’s experience working with to get sold and his tips for other founders who may be facing a similar situation.

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