Startup Acquisition Stories with Nico Jeanne, Founder of Galeby

Nico is a self-taught marketer that had success as a freelancer prior to learning how to code and becoming what he now identifies as – an Indie Maker.

His story building, growing, and then selling his startup, MakeLogoAI, is essentially a microcosm of an entire startup lifecycle condensed into a year’s timeframe:

  • Learned how to code in nine months.
  • Had the idea to build MakeLogoAI since it was something he needed for his other indie projects.
  • Challenged himself to build an MVP in 48 hours and accomplished a very rough version, mechanical turk-ing the output to start.
  • Launched it on Twitter to his followers (around 500- 600 at the time) and validated the product with actual sales.
  • Doubled-down the next 48 hours and built it into a true automated app for the output of the logo delivery.
  • Launched on Product Hunt and hit product of the day earning a huge influx of new sales.
  • Focused on gathering feedback from the now larger pool of customers and took a month to refine the product to its final version.
  • Realized he didn’t have the capacity to take the product to the next level and did not want to see this valuable asset go to waste, so listed on to find a buyer.
  • Fast forward past 30 buyer NDAs, 10+ buyer calls, and he’s sitting on the beach $65,000 richer working on his other startup (Galeby).

Listen to Nico’s inspiring story from zero to exit. He shares some insightful tips for sellers and how he was able to get about +32% above his asking price with his accepted offer.

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