Startup Acquisition Stories with Ranjit Bhinge, CEO of Atomic Fusion

Ranjit Bhinge is a maker with an electrical engineering undergrad degree and a Master’s in Applied Design. Ranjit first fell into no-code, specifically, when he used the aforementioned builder to create a SaaS product for his Master’s thesis project. This led him down the rabbit-hole of and ended up freelancing for a few years prior to taking the leap into acquisitions.

Ranjit initially acquire’d three different startups through Fast forward to the present and he resold two of them in early 2023 to go all-in on Atomic Fusion. Having become a hardcore developer in the years leading up to the acquisition plays, not only did he see the enormous potential of no-code/Bubble first-hand but he also felt passionate about the community it served.

Hear Ranjit’s full journey acquiring Atomic Fusion and his learnings from being both a buyer and a seller on

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