Startup Acquisition Stories with Lotanna Ezeike, Founder of Creator Check

Lotanna (Lotts for short) is a serial entrepreneur based in the U.K. by way of Nigeria. He’s currently the founder of Creator Check, a screening software for brands to check any creator/influencer’s social media history. But more recently, he founded (and sold) two other SaaS businesses in the travel industry that were originally built to solve his own problem of getting a specific type of traveling visa.

Although both travel businesses saw immediate success and smashed PMF, Lotts didn’t quite vibe with the travel industry and ultimately decided to find an exit through Fast forward him getting both startups listed, receiving 30+ buyer requests, and selling both businesses back-to-back. Lotts now has the Acquire’d badge of honor (2x!) and shares some great advice for other founders, especially those based internationally, looking to sell their businesses the same way.

Hear Lotts describe how he vetted buyers, what he valued from the experience, and some of the ‘gotchas’ when transferring assets/accounts across borders.

Catch Lotanna on Twitter and follow his progress as he continues growing Creator Check:

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