Startup Acquisition Stories with Derek Morin and Radu Bogdan, Founders of Tabarnapp

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Derek and Radu are the founders of multiple Shopify Apps, one of which they sold on for five figures.

Although Derek and Radu went with a personal broker to sell their larger startup, Tabarnapp – a suite of Shopify Apps for discounting/gifting, they ultimately still listed on in an effort to boost their buyer interest and find better offers.

(Pro tip: has an in-house M&A Advisory Team accessible for all founders listing their businesses through the platform. Additionally, we regularly see external brokers list businesses on to attain more quality buyer interest. If your broker isn’t doing that for you, just ask them to do so like Derek did. Having more buyers will always bode well for you!)

Watch the full episode to hear more about Derek and Radu’s story selling their startup. They share tips and advice for other founders and talk candidly into their decisions for how they traversed their acquisition.

You can connect with Derek and Radu via LinkedIn ->

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