Startup Acquisition Stories with JJ Englert, Founder of Jump Studios

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JJ Englert is currently a top 1% Bubble Developer and owns multiple courses teaching others how to build with Bubble. However, JJ took some hard lessons to get to where is now having started out as a non-technical founder following a traditional route of getting an angel investment, going through a startup accelerator, and paying to build his first product.

Flaming out from his first startup experience, he knew he had to find a different way to build his next product (Jump Studios) and decided to try it out himself with Bubble. Self-taught and initially struggling, he knocked out a “god awful” mvp in 6 months and kept persisting. After a year, he was able to start executing very advanced stuff and Jump Studios took shape.

JJ decided to sell Jump Studios due to competing focus on his other projects. He felt the product had more potential to grow in someone else’s capable hands and found a perfect buyer on (after getting 60 buyer inquiries).

Watch the full episode to hear JJ share his experience finding the right buyer to carry on his product legacy and what it’s like selling a no-code app on

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