Startup Acquisition Stories Podcast With Pascal Levy-Garboua, CEO of Noosa Labs

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Curious what a professional small startup acquirer cares about when scouting a business to purchase?

There are a growing group of people who make a living out of acquiring growing startups and taking them to new heights. Pascal Levy-Garboua, founder of Noosa Labs is one of these experts.

Pascal started Noosa after 20 years in tech – mostly startups. He sold his first chatbot more than a decade ago and later went on to become an early investor in Notion and other startups in SF.

Pascal thought he wanted to become a venture capitalist, but he missed the thrill of building. He discovered business marketplaces like let him buy an already operational business and take it to the next level and was hooked.

Now Pascal makes a living buying profitable growing startups and flipping them if they stall. He’s already acquired four and is always looking for a new purchase.

Tune into Pascal’s interview with Andrew as they discuss:

  • Pascal’s perfect acquisition targets on
  • Why he prefers buying to investing
  • His favorite startup he’s acquired
  • The three things he thinks all buyers should avoid like the plague

Pascal is just getting started and you can follow his journey through the following links:

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