Startup Acquisition Stories With Bryan DiGiorgio, Founder of 1840 & Company

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What’s the trick to buying offshore businesses as a US buyer?

Bryan DiGiorgio of 1840 & Company says buyers need to understand two things:

  1. It requires a lot of documents and processes
  2. You need to get started with them as soon as possible because they’re sequential

Bryan’s had a bit of experience on this topic, his main business today is setting up remote teams for other businesses in other countries. In the past, he worked as the global head of customer service for Sprint and built the direct precursors to Microsoft Teams.

After previously buying a business on two years ago, Byan returned this year to buy a blockchain-based business, Swearit, from a group of founders in Spain. In the process, he got to experience Acquire’s new buyer advisory service. They helped him successfully transact with a seller who didn’t speak the same language.

Listen to a special buy-side advice section as Bryan and Andrew discuss:

  • How Bryan looks for promising business to buy on
  • Why foreign businesses can be much more profitable in the US
  • The number one trait for sellers on that attracts buyers

Bryan has been doing entrepreneurship and M&A for a little while now. Follow his journey using the links below:

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