Startup Acquisition Stories Podcast With Miguel Diaz, Founder of Swearit (Acquisition in Spanish)

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Selling your business to a buyer in the same country is tough. Imagine doing it across international borders.

Miguel Diaz spent three years building Swearit, a blockchain-based authenticity verification platform. However, he realized that it could scale better in the hands of another founder so he looked for a place to sell.

In Miguel’s opinion, most other startup marketplaces were too broad. You could sell anything from tech businesses to hotels. It was hard to say what buyers or valuations he could expect.

When the team stumbled on, they were intrigued because it specialized in SaaS M&A. There was only one problem – none of them could speak much English.

Still, Miguel and his team listed their business and were surprised to learn that two Acquire team members were fluent in Spanish. 

Miguel received direct help in Spanish from Acquire’s president, Rosa Romaine and legal counsel, James Graves. With Acquire’s help, Miguel managed to obtain his dream exit within months.

Post transaction, Miguel jumped on the podcast with Rosa and James to talk about his acquisition. Tune in to hear:

  • How EU regulations are changing to monitor food quality
  • Some of the cultural differences he encountered during M&A
  • His favorite parts of the seller experience on

Miguel is just getting started. Follow his journey with the links below:

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