Startup Acquisition Stories Podcast With Doug Mitchell of Scale LLP

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Acquisition lawyer at Scale LLP, Doug Mitchell, recalls one of the closest calls he’s ever encountered while advising a sale.

He was working with a business seeking seller-side financing to sell to an interested buyer. This seller had to cover a lien they’d taken on their business and were using a bridge loan (a very short-term loan) to do it. 

They’d secured a loan and thought they had a clear relationship with the lender. However, Doug read the fine print on the document –  it said these loans wouldn’t be allowed for his client’s type of business. If they signed that document, they’d immediately default on their loan and the deal would likely be off!

Fortunately, Doug was there to catch the error and keep his client from making a costly mistake.

These kinds of situations are now Doug’s bread and butter as a partner at Scale LLP, one of the leading legal counsel firms for tech businesses in the US.

Doug joined Scale after years of working in real estate, winery, and brand asset law. He noticed that while enterprise deals often left everyone feeling slightly unhappy, small deals frequently closed with both parties celebrating a new chapter in their lives. He realized creating these happy outcomes was much more rewarding to him.

Today, Doug works with Scale’s distributed team of 80+ lawyers to help tech businesses across the nation sell and to aid the next generation of entrepreneurs taking them over.

For this episode of SASP, Doug sat down with Andrew Gazdecki to discuss:

  • What kinds of deals he does
  • What lawyers normally manage in SME deals
  • How much he charges for his retainer
  • And what Doug does in his free time.

Tune in below!

Doug is not just getting started, he has an established practice and you can follow him here:

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