Go Big, Go Platinum: How Our New Buyer Tier Connects Serious Buyers to the Biggest, Most Profitable Startups

If you were a fly on the wall to every marketplace conversation, two things would stand out. First, founders receive hundreds of inquiries about their listings and few of them result in offers. Second, serious buyers are up against those who can’t or have no intention to close.

As you listen to this back and forth between mismatched parties, a thought might occur to you: What if founders could filter the serious buyers from the casual? Wouldn’t that result in better conversations, faster acquisitions, and narrow the competition to serious buyers only?

Founders cast a wide net because it increases their chances of finding the right buyer. Fair enough. But that invariably hauls you into acquisition conversations as part of a bigger catch. Founders must then qualify who’s serious or kicking tires, costing both of you time. 

That got us thinking: What if founders could reel in a handful of serious, committed buyers instead? Yes, a smaller buyer pool, but of those who can and want to close on the right deal. 

Quality over quantity. Buyers then spend less time competing against dead-end inquiries.

After listening to hundreds of your comments and feedback, we realized we could do more to qualify the marketplace for both buyers and sellers. Qualification leads to better matchmaking and faster acquisitions – everyone wins – so today, we’re proud to announce Platinum.

What Is Platinum?

Platinum is a new buyer tier for those interested in acquiring our biggest and most profitable startups. Think startups with over $250,000 in TTM revenue plus exclusive Managed by Acquire deals we’ve prepared for a fast, easy, and smooth acquisition (all SaaS startups over $1M in TTM revenue).

You get better listings, increased deal flow, tailored searches, support from our M&A team (with 30+ years experience), and founders primed for acquisition. Founders also benefit since we spend more time preparing them for acquisition and guiding them towards serious buyers. 

Yes, Platinum costs a little more. Not only does that help qualify buyers, but it means we can invest more time sourcing and preparing high-quality deal flow.

Why Upgrade to Platinum?

Platinum isn’t for everyone. If you’re a casual buyer, first-time Acquirer, or an operator looking to run a new venture, you’ll probably feel more at home with Premium. For $390 per year, our most popular tier gives you access to all marketplace startups up to $250,000 TTM revenue.

But if you’re a serial entrepreneur interested in acquiring large, profitable companies, Platinum connects you with startups of all revenue sizes and Managed by Acquire deals (including profitable, multimillion-dollar SaaS). In other words, the very best deals we can source. 

What does that mean for you? Less time researching the market for the most attractive prospects. No cold calling targets or persuading reluctant founders to discuss acquisition. We’ll vet and prepare the biggest and best startups for you to decide whether to Acquire them. 

Backed by our in-house M&A team with over 30 years of experience, you’ll have expert help on hand when you need it. You’ll receive listing recommendations based on your acquisition criteria, and you’ll also qualify for one-to-one consultation with Andrew, Rainier, James, or Paul (VP M&A).

To recap, upgrade to Platinum if you want to access all on-market and Managed by Acquire companies, of any size:

  • Contact startups of all sizes.
  • Access off-market deals we’ve vetted and prepped for a fast, easy sale.
  • Get priority customer support, including expert help when you need it.
  • Receive a one-hour advisory call with one of our in-house M&A advisors.

All of the above is yours for $624 per year when you enter the promo code PLATINUM20 at checkout before September 21st 2022. Otherwise, it’s $780 per year. 

Is Platinum the Right Plan for You? (A Quick Questionnaire)

Go Platinum if you:

  • Usually Acquire or have the capacity to Acquire companies with over $250,000 in TTM revenue.
  • Prefer your deal flow pre-vetted and founders primed for acquisition talks. 
  • Represent a PE firm or fund targeting large, profitable SaaS businesses.
  • Are a lower-middle-market or higher business broker seeking reliable deal flow.
  • Want access to every company for sale in our network, including Managed by Acquire deals.
  • Enjoy the cachet of belonging to a community of seasoned entrepreneurs.

If you meet any of the criteria above, Platinum is the right plan for you. Otherwise, you’ll be happier with our Premium tier.

How to Upgrade to Platinum

Upgrading to Platinum takes just a couple of minutes. 

  1. First, head to our pricing page and click Get Started underneath the Platinum column.
  2. Continue to pay and that’s it! Your account will upgrade instantly. 

If you’re already a Premium buyer, you’ll also receive a prorated return of your Premium subscription when you upgrade. 

Ready to upgrade? Get started now

How does Platinum fit into your current buyer tiers?

You now have three memberships to choose from. A free tier for browsing the marketplace (but no access to startups), Premium ($390 per year) with access to startups of up to $250,000 TTM revenue, and Platinum ($780 per year or $624 per year with the early bird discount) to access startups of all sizes, including those we manage.

What are “Managed by Acquire” startups?

These are profitable SaaS companies with at least $1 million in TTM revenue. We vet and approve these startups while also working with founders to prepare them for acquisition. As a Platinum buyer, you gain exclusive access to these startups and our 30+ years of M&A experience. 

How much does Platinum cost?

Platinum costs $780 per year. If you’re already a Premium buyer, you’ll also receive a prorated return of your Premium subscription when you upgrade. 

What’s the difference between Platinum and Premium?

The main difference is that Platinum gives you access to startups of all sizes, including Managed by Acquire startups (exclusive “off-market” deals). With Premium, you can access any startup with up to $250,000 in TTM revenue. View a full comparison here.

How does the new tier affect my Premium subscription?

From today, you won’t be able to access startups of $250,000 TTM revenue or above (excluding conversations you’ve already started). Everything else stays the same, including the low price of $390 per year.

Why downgrade Premium?

I hear you, and while it wasn’t an easy decision to make, we need to match the right people on the marketplace to encourage deals that both parties can fulfill. It makes for a better experience for you and helps more startups get Acquired. The new pricing tiers and thresholds reflect that.

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