Get the Best Startups Delivered to You Instantly With the Acquire Alerts Slack App

Acquiring the best startups can often mean being in the right place at the right time. Our goal is to make those serendipitous meetings the norm, to help you find your favorite startups with enough time to start a conversation and close a deal. How? By bringing vetted startups to you. 

Until now, you probably skimmed the daily newsletter for a list of featured startups. Or, you logged into Acquire to browse the marketplace. But what if you could set your acquisition criteria, get on with your day, and then receive instant alerts of matching listings? 

Today, we’ve launched the Acquire Alerts Slack app that delivers real-time alerts of new listings right within Slack. Set your acquisition filters – startup category, revenue, and profit – and we’ll notify you the second a startup matching your criteria goes live. Right within your workspace. 

Never Miss An Acquisition Opportunity

You won’t always have time to browse the marketplace, and our newsletter features only a fraction of the startups available for sale. To be in with a chance of finding the right startup, you need real-time listing alerts so you can start conversations before anyone else. 

How much time do you spend in Slack? Like us, you probably spend hours collaborating with your colleagues or employees. Time you can’t otherwise spend trawling through over 2,000 vetted startups. But with Slack, the best startups come to you – instantly. 

Whether you want to Acquire a SaaS, ecommerce, Shopify, or crypto app, Slack will notify you as soon as they go live on Acquire. View at-a-glance details such as financial metrics, asking price, industry, and more, and for more info, click to visit the full listing on the marketplace. Easy. 

Real-time Alerts of New Listings


The Acquire Alerts Slack app synchronizes with our marketplace. As soon as our curation team has vetted and approved a listing that matches your criteria, we notify you with the details. It’s all automated, so you needn’t worry about slow fingers interrupting your acquisition workflow. 

Fast and Easy Access to the Marketplace Listing


The Slack notification contains a summary of the startup, including TTM revenue, profit, a short description, competitors, asking price, and more. Enough data to decide whether to click the notification, view the marketplace listing, and ask the founder for more details. 

Customize Notifications to Your Acquisition Criteria


Rather than inundate you with every new listing, we’ve given you the option to customize your alerts. Set your acquisition criteria to only receive notifications of startups you might want to Acquire. Currently, you can filter notifications by revenue, profit, and startup category. 

You should see the Enable filters button on the right side of each notification. You may need to wait a cycle until one appears in the feed before it is visible (see the image below). We’re currently working on updates to the filter to watch this space!

set your acquisition criteria using the “enable filters” button on the right of your first notification.

Mute Notifications When You’re Unavailable or Busy

Who wants to return from vacation with over a hundred Slack notifications? No faster way to ruin those sunny beach memories than wading through the work that piled up while you were away. Keep your workspace tidy by disabling or enabling notifications in just one click.   

How Does the Acquire Alerts Slack App Work?

Installing the Acquire Alerts Slack App takes just a couple of minutes. 

  1. Click Add to Slack at the bottom of this download page
  2. Select the workspace where you’d like to add Acquire.
  3. Set your filters and you’re good to go. 

There’s a saying among the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) crowd that time kills all deals. While that might sound a little cynical, the reality is that you’re one of thousands, perhaps millions, of potential Acquirers. Download the Slack app now to grab the best deals first.

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