Be the First to Know When Your Favorite Startups Go Live

Tired of other buyers beating you to the best deals? We get it. Nothing’s worse than finding your dream startup only for the founder to accept another buyer’s offer. When you’re competing with over 300k registered buyers, speed matters, and we want to help sharpen your edge. 

You might not have time to check for new listings regularly, and that’s okay. You’ll now get listing notifications of new startups matching your acquisition criteria, no searching required. With immediate, daily, or weekly roundups, you choose the notification frequency to suit your workflow and schedule. 

Then, whenever new startups matching your criteria go live, you’ll receive a notification with a link to the complete listing. Think of it as your personal marketplace curator, fully automated and customized to your acquisition goals, so no missed deals, no extra admin.

The listing notifications algorithm uses the same 12-point data set as your acquisition criteria, ensuring you only spend time on the most attractive deals. (The algorithm is only as good as the data you enter, so please add or update your criteria should your goals change using the steps below.) 

Helping You Acquire the Best Companies

Listing notifications brings you one step closer to automating your acquisition search.

Once you’ve input your acquisition criteria, our matching algorithm does the rest, leaving you more time for the work that matters.

Still unconvinced? Check out the other benefits below.

Less Time Searching, More Time Dealmaking

Enabling listing notifications automates much of the time-consuming and laborious search for acquisition targets. Rather than scroll through listings and fiddle with filters, you get matching startups delivered to your email or in-platform inbox (you decide which), leaving you more time to plan your deals. 

Spend More Time on Deals That Matter

Why waste time narrowing down your shortlist manually? Instead, enter your acquisition criteria and let the notification system do the rest. You then only see deals that qualify in your inbox. It’s like having your shortlist created for you, leaving you to dive deeper into the more promising targets. 

Never Miss an Acquisition Opportunity

You can’t be everywhere, all at once, no matter how hard or long you work. The only sure way of ensuring you hear about the latest startups is with listing notifications. With email notifications enabled, you don’t need to even log into your account to check what’s new – we’ll let you know.

Fully Automated Curation Tailored to You

You know what you want from an acquisition, so the first step in identifying potential acquisition targets is just admin. Now you can automate that first step across 12 data points. In other words, enter your search criteria once and get relevant and personalized recommendations forever.

Customize Settings to Your Workflow

If you source deals across multiple channels, update your listing notifications to match your schedule. With immediate, daily, or weekly roundups, your notifications always arrive at the right time. Prefer emails only to on-platform notifications? No problem, adjust your settings (see instructions below). 

Benefits Sellers Too

Like you, sellers don’t want to waste time on conversations with limited potential. Listing notifications are as much a qualification system as an alert system. In other words, sellers will engage more with interested buyers, and you get a more receptive seller. 

How Listing Notifications Work

If you’ve already entered your acquisition criteria:

  • We’ve set notifications up for you already. You’ll receive on-platform notifications immediately after a startup goes live. We also recommend enabling email notifications so you can act quickly when deals arrive (see how to enable below).

If you haven’t entered any acquisition criteria:

  • Notifications can’t reach you yet. Please enter your search criteria to enable notifications (see how to update or add your criteria below) and we’ll default you to immediate email and in-platform notifications, which you can update from settings.

How to find your notifications

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click Inbox from the main menu.
  3. Click New listings.
  4. Any listings matching your criteria will appear here.
  5. Click the listing to open a summary and link to the full listing.

How to update the frequency and medium

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click your profile pic on the top right.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Notifications.
  5. Update your frequency and medium.
  6. Click Save.

The algorithm behind listing notifications is the same one we use to recommend startups to you. Without entering your acquisition criteria, you won’t receive any notifications. Likewise, if your goals change, update your criteria so you get the most from notifications. 

How to add or update your acquisition criteria

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click Listings from the main menu.
  3. Click Browse from the Listings menu.
  4. Click Enter criteria (if none exist) or Edit criteria on the right of your screen.
  5. Scroll through and update your criteria. 
  6. Click Save.

Ready to create your own personalized, automated dealflow?

Sign up as a buyer now and follow the instructions to enter your criteria. Then sit back and wait as we deliver the best startups to you at your preferred pace and medium.

Will I still receive the usual listing newsletters?

Yes, for the next few weeks, we plan to run the newsletters too just in case you don’t have any specific criteria in mind or aren’t quite ready to pursue an acquisition. However, if people prefer tailored notifications to a more general roundup, we may retire the newsletters. Please enter at least basic acquisition criteria so we can notify you of great startups as they go live.

Why haven’t I received any notifications yet?

Either you haven’t entered any acquisition criteria or no listings matching your criteria have gone live. If you haven’t received any listing notifications after one week, please email us at so we can investigate this for you.

Are immediate notifications really immediate?

Almost! You should receive notifications of new startups matching your criteria around five minutes after they go live. That’s as fast as our system can send them. 

When will I receive notifications?

You can choose between immediate, daily, or weekly notifications. The default is immediate so you can act quickly on startups matching your criteria, but you can update the frequency and medium of your notifications from your settings (see above). 

Can I turn notifications off?

Yes, though listing notifications is a powerful tool to save you time finding the best startups, so we recommend using it as much as possible. You can always reduce the frequency of notifications and disable the email notifications if you’re receiving too many. 

Why aren’t you sending me better recommendations?

If you’re unhappy with the listing notifications you receive, your acquisition criteria might be incomplete or out of date. Please follow the instructions above to edit your acquisition criteria, and then we can send you startups you’re more interested in. 

Will I get access to the full listing with notifications?

No, you still need to request startup access from the seller to view their full listing and private information. 

Do listing notifications cost anything?

No, the service is free on all buyer plans. 

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