Get a Free Valuation of Your SaaS Startup – Then Maximize Your Exit With Our M&A Team

You’ve built a SaaS product, grown it, and now you’re ready to cash out. Your first thought: How much is my business worth? You can get pretty scientific with your answer, compiling hundreds of data points and testing various methodologies. But without a beat on the market, you’re essentially flying blind. 

Your business is only worth what a buyer will pay for it, and if you’re out of touch with the market, your company may languish on the shelf for months, drawing few buyers and fewer offers. 

To help, we’ve launched our SaaS valuation tool as your first step toward maximizing your valuation. By estimating your valuation range using data from past SaaS acquisitions on, you can set an asking price that reflects market demand, drawing more buyers to the negotiation table. That means more offers, more cash, better terms, and a shorter acquisition timeline – what would you say to that?

As anyone who’s ever sold a house will tell you, the surest tactic to drive up your valuation is to maximize buyer interest. And knowing how the market will react helps you negotiate from a position of confidence. For example: How much interest does your niche usually attract? How does your business benchmark against similar companies? What have those companies sold for in the last six months?

Influential questions like these are what make the SaaS valuation tool so powerful. Buyers are more likely to support an asking price the market has validated. It avoids any verbal tug-of-war early on and proves you’re motivated to sell, creating goodwill.

Why Use the SaaS Valuation Tool?

The SaaS valuation tool is one of many calculators on the market. What makes ours different? It’s built for SaaS, uses real market data, and fits seamlessly into the acquisition process. But that’s not all.

Unlike other calculators, ours doesn’t try to replace a professional valuer’s opinion. For example, you’re not asked to enter 100s of data points or link your sales and accounting software to get some algorithm’s expert take. Such tools are time-consuming to use, rarely factor in market sentiment, and despite asking a plethora of questions, can’t replace a professional valuation. Instead, our SaaS valuation tool estimates a valuation range from a handful of data points, giving you a realistic baseline in just a few minutes.

As well as a valuation range, you’ll also see how many active buyers are interested in startups like yours. You can transfer your details to a draft business listing whenever you’re ready. Then you’ll work with our M&A team to refine your valuation and develop a pricing strategy that achieves your goals. 

Professional acquirers already have a beat on the market. By starting with a market-driven valuation, you meet them on level ground. Buyers love working with market-savvy founders. It renders early sparring over price redundant, creates goodwill, and clears the ground for a mutually successful outcome.

How Does the SaaS Valuation Tool Work?

The SaaS valuation tool uses the multiple methodology to calculate your valuation range. In brief, this means applying a multiple to revenue or profit to obtain your valuation. It’s a popular methodology for SaaS companies that allows us to benchmark your data against 1,000s of closed acquisitions. 

First, you enter a handful of data points about your business such as your revenue, profit, and industry. The SaaS valuation tool then compiles and compares your data with similar SaaS businesses acquired on (we update the acquisition dataset every six months so your estimate keeps pace with market changes). Finally, it offers you a valuation range on a sliding scale, allowing you to find the perfect balance between buyer interest and your acquisition goals.

What’s Next for Your Valuation? 

The SaaS valuation tool is just the first step toward maximizing your valuation. Expect upgrades that lengthen that step into a stride and then a leap, getting you closer to an accurate figure the market will support. Expectations are everything in acquisitions, and misalignment can cost you months of wasted conversations, so we’re fully committed to refining the valuation tool so it works best for your goals. 

Ready to Discover Your Startup’s Worth?

You must build the case for your SaaS valuation throughout your acquisition. Start with shaky evidence or rely too much on a valuation tool, and you risk an awkward first impression on the market. One that’s difficult to correct without losing negotiation leverage. Instead, see what the market pays for startups like yours and refine that baseline with our help to ensure you never leave money on the table.

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