Don’t Let Messy Financials Ruin Your Acquisition – Sync Your Metrics With Our Profit and Loss Statement (P&L) Builder to Close Deals Fast

Selling your business online is all about trust. Think of it like going on a date. You can’t expect buyers to be interested if you arrive messy, ill-prepared, and misrepresent your past. Instead, give buyers the critical data upfront (anonymously) to hook them in and encourage further talks.

Since your startup metrics are the foundation of your valuation, they need to be accurate, up to date, and free of errors. Otherwise, buyers will never take you or your listing seriously. If your metrics are sloppy or outdated, they’ll wonder what else is, and you might never get an offer.

Over the last few months, we’ve developed an upgraded metrics integration called the P&L Builder. Not only does it synchronize with accounting analytics software in real time, but it also builds charts, summaries, and a clean profit and loss statements for you for the last three years*.

You’ll automatically visit the P&L Builder the next time you log in as a seller**. Follow the steps to connect your financials (Quickbooks, Sage, or Inuit), customer metrics (ChartMogul), and web traffic (Google Analytics), and we’ll auto-populate this data into your listing in minutes

Everything from your profit and losses to growth rate will appear, anonymously, to buyers when browsing, saving you hours of data entry. Connect all three metrics data points and you’ll also receive the Metrics Connected badge, helping attract buyers and give them confidence in your numbers.

Watch this short video from our founder, Andrew Gazdecki, to learn how the P&L Builder will help you get Acquire’d.

*Codat supports up to three years of data and ChartMogul supports all historical billing data.

**Please note that if you’ve previously connected metrics, you’ll need to reconnect them under the P&L Builder to take advantage of the new features.

Why Connect Your Metrics to the P&L Builder?

In just a few minutes, you could share all the data a buyer needs to make you an offer.

Attracts More Buyers

Your metrics are the first thing buyers check when browsing (after, maybe, startup category). If you’ve synced and verified your metrics with the P&L Builder, you immediately stand out in the marketplace for being a safer bet. You even get the Metrics Connected badge to prove it. 

Justifies Your Asking Price

The P&L Builder refreshes your data every 30 days, but you can pull real-time data at the click of a button. Whatever multiple you negotiate with the buyer, it’s always applied to your most up-to-date figures. You needn’t recalibrate everything manually to justify your asking price. 

Automates Initial Due Diligence

Every buyer you attract with headline numbers will eventually ask you to verify them. The integrated P&L builder verifies your metrics in advance, so your leads come to you warmer than ever. 

Speeds Up Actual Due Diligence

The P&L Builder automates the biggest steps in due diligence. Before, you’d have to collect everything manually and upload it to your data room. Now, with all of your metrics in one place, you save time gathering multiple reports, systems, and logins. 

Attracts Better Offers

With your metrics verified and up to date, buyers are likelier to send you a better offer. Buyers will pay a premium for certainty, what they know is a good deal. The P&L Builder gives them that confidence. 

How to Sync Your Metrics With the P&L Builder

You’ll visit the P&L Builder page as soon as you log in.

The P&L Builder splits your metrics into three areas:

  1. Financial snapshot,
  2. Customer metrics, and
  3. Web traffic.

The next time you log into Acquire (as a seller), you’ll go straight to the P&L Builder to connect your metrics. Any past connections will have been disconnected with this upgrade (sorry for the inconvenience), but you’re unlocking far more features to help you sell fast.

You can also skip this page, but you’ll then need to enter details manually or click the Connect metrics button beneath the metrics sections of your listing to sync at a later time.

To get started, follow the steps below.

Financial Snapshot

Here we’re able to pull in data from the most common accounting software (Intuit, Quickbooks, or Sage) to provide an overview of your startup’s financial performance, including TTM revenue and profit. 

Codat supports the most popular accounting vendors and will pull through up to three years of data. 
  1. Click Connect next to Financial snapshot.
  2. Log into your accounting software through Codat (it’s free). 
  3. Choose your account and click Finish to connect.

Don’t worry if your data doesn’t show up in your listing immediately. Codat can pull up to three years of historic data, so it might take a few minutes to synchronize.  

If you don’t connect your accounting software to complete a financial snapshot, you’ll need to enter the following information manually to complete your listing:

  • TTM Gross Revenue
  • TTM Net Profit
  • Monthly Gross Revenue
  • Last Month’s Net Profit

Customer Metrics

Connect subscription and recurring revenue data from Stripe, Braintree, Paypal, Chargebee, Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and more with ChartMogul. 

If you previously synced Stripe, Baremetrics, or ProfitWell, the connection will be lost. Please resync with ChartMogul for seamless integration with the most popular payment providers. 

Why only ChartMogul? ChartMogul was able to build a faster, streamlined, and more reliable connection to Acquire, which makes for a much better experience for you. If you don’t have a ChartMogul account, you get an exclusive 90-day free trial if you create a new account through the Acquire P&L Builder page. Afterward, it’s a paid service based on your MRR. 

ChartMogul supports all major payment providers and integrates seamlessly with your listing.
  1. Sign up for your free 90-day ChartMogul trial if you don’t have an account.
  2. From the P&L Builder, click Connect next to Customer metrics.
  3. Log into your ChartMogul account through the P&L Builder. 
  4. Click Authorize

You’ll then see your customer metrics have been connected. Again, it might take some time to synchronize the data so don’t worry if nothing shows on your listing initially.

If you don’t sync your customer metrics through ChartMogul, you’ll have to enter the following information manually to complete your listing:

  • Number of Customers (drop-down)
  • Annual Recurring Revenue
  • Annual Growth Rate

Web Traffic

Finally, add your Google Analytics account to pull in your startup’s top traffic and acquisition channel data automatically and in real-time.

Sync Google Analytics to show how much customers love your business.
  1. Click Connect next to Web traffic.
  2. Log into your Google Analytics account.
  3. Click the Google Analytics property you want to connect from those listed. These are accounts and properties associated with your email address.
  4. Click Save.

What Happens After You Sync Your Metrics to the P&L Builder?

Once you’ve connected all three categories (financial snapshot, customer metrics, and web traffic) to our P&L Builder, we’ll populate those parts of your listing automatically. 

It can take a few minutes for all your data to sync, but once it does, you’ll see:

  • All your metrics in one handy dashboard. No fiddling with multiple logins, reports, or spreadsheets.
  • Charts and summaries of your performance. Visualize patterns and trends with graphics that plot your startup’s history.
  • An always accurate and real-time P&L statement. Your numbers automatically refresh every 30 days or instantly with a single click.
  • The Metrics Connected badge on your listing. Stand out and show buyers you’re genuine, credible, and committed to a fast sale.

What Buyers See

Buyers will also see your anonymized (but verified) metrics on your listing. Why is this important?

  1. Buyers like to know they can trust the numbers when searching listings, otherwise they may waste time on false starts.
  2. Up-to-date numbers help buyers set a more accurate valuation of your business. 
  3. The due diligence stage of your acquisition goes faster as there’s less to verify manually.
  4. You start negotiations with a more confident stance showing that you have nothing to hide.

Critically, verifying your metrics helps derisk the acquisition. Those who haven’t verified their metrics in the P&L Builder have their work cut out convincing buyers of their numbers. Some buyers are patient, but many are overloaded with opportunities and only go for the best. 

Sync your metrics now with the Acquire P&L Builder.

I’ve already connected metrics. Do I need to do it again?

Yes, unfortunately. This is a big upgrade so all previous integrations will be disconnected to allow you to synchronize your data to the P&L Builder.

How long does synchronization take?

Synchronization should be instant, but it might take a few minutes if the network is busy or you’re importing a large volume of data. Rest assured that after the first synchronization, all future updates to your numbers are in real time. 

How far back do you pull the data?

Codat will pull up to three years worth of data from your accounting systems. ChartMogul will pull all historical customer metrics and billing data. 

Why do you only support ChartMogul for customer metrics?

We chose ChartMogul because it offered the best support and seamless integration across multiple payment vendors. ChartMogul uses oAuth to connect your payment providers, which is faster and more reliable than building multiple bridges. Try the exclusive 90-day free trial for new ChartMogul accounts created through Acquire.

You don’t support my payment provider or software vendor. What now?

Please input your metrics data manually and then email us at with the name of the provider or vendor. We can’t guarantee to support it in the future, but we’ll try.

Do I have to share my financial data with buyers?

Yes! Buyers won’t even consider an acquisition without seeing verified financial data. Although we share your metrics on your public listing, it’s anonymized so no one can trace it to your business without you first giving them access to your startup. You’re in control of your data. 

How do I start the 90-day free trial of ChartMogul?

Connect all data points in your financial snapshot, customer metrics, and website traffic. That’s it. Your Metrics Connected badge will be added automatically once your data has synchronized.

Can I choose which metrics to connect?

Yes, you can choose to do some, all three, or none at all. We highly recommend connecting all three metrics to increase your chances of finding a buyer. 

How do I get the Metrics Connected badge on my listing?

Connect all data points in your financial snapshot, customer metrics, and website traffic. That’s it. Your Metrics Connected badge will be added automatically once your data has synchronized.

I’ve connected my metrics but the data isn’t showing up in my listing – why?

Your data is probably still synchronizing. If nothing shows up after an hour, please email and we’ll look into it for you. 

Can I disconnect my metrics from the P&L Builder?

Yes, you can. Under each integration, click where it says Connected on the top-right and select Disconnect.

The content on this site is not intended to provide legal, financial or M&A advice. It is for information purposes only, and any links provided are for your convenience. Please seek the services of an M&A professional before entering into any M&A transaction. It is not Acquire’s intention to solicit or interfere with any established relationship you may have with any M&A professional. 

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