Why We’re Dropping the Micro to Become Acquire.com

Hey there,

Andrew here, founder and CEO of Acquire. 

Few things beat the joy of building a business, fewer still your first acquisition. 

That feeling when the deal closes is like nothing else. It’s not just about the reward, but the motivation it inspires: What will you do next now you know what you’re capable of?

When I started this business in 2020, I wanted to help more founders experience the thrill of an acquisition. That sense of pride, accomplishment, and renewed purpose. 

Have we succeeded?

Take a look at the past three years. We’ve helped over 750 founders sell their businesses, from “micro” transactions in the tens of thousands to complex, multimillion-dollar deals. 

Your feedback has helped us develop advanced tools that help streamline the acquisition process and eliminate friction between its moving parts… 

Guided workflows. Legal templates. Startup metrics. Proof of funds. Verification. And lots more.

In short, you’ve helped us evolve from that early marketplace with big ambitions into a global platform capable of achieving them. 

The “micro” just doesn’t apply anymore, and as a result, we’re rebranding to Acquire.com. 

Not only does this better reflect our aspirations in 2023 and beyond, but it honors acquisitions of all sizes, large and small. After all, who wants to think of their acquisition as “micro”? 

As we’ve consolidated and simplified the acquisitions market, the average size of acquisitions has increased. Does that mean our goals have changed?

Not at all. 

Our goals today are the same as when I started: to help you buy and sell startups quickly, easily, and in a marketplace built for trust, transparency, and ease of use. 

We’re not leaving anyone behind but expanding our reach. Whether you’re selling a side gig in India or a SaaS giant in Germany, we’re a truly global company that can help you get Acquired faster and easier than traditional alternatives. 

What does this mean for you as a founder?

Better tools. Broader support. Expert guidance. In other words, a bigger, better version of the marketplace you’ve come to trust with one of the most defining moments of your life.

We built this company with founders like you and will continue supporting and inspiring entrepreneurs everywhere whether you’re bootstrapped or VC-backed, selling for $50,000 or $50 million. 

I hope you’ll continue to support us as we move into the new year as Acquire.com with an even bigger mission. To help you buy and sell startups of all sizes, streamline the acquisition process, and remove the barriers to entrepreneurship that have restrained too many for too long.

Here’s to you and your success, and the Acquire.com team helping it happen. 

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