Andrew Gazdecki Talks Acquire’ing SaaS Companies

Andrew Gazdecki is the solo founder of Acquire, a marketplace for buying and selling small Software-as-a-Service companies.

He has previously started two companies, Bizness Apps and, both of which were Acquired.

Andrew is applying lessons that he’s learned from past successful companies to *hopefully* make this his best business yet.

In the episode, Aaron and Andrew discuss playing entrepreneurship on “hard mode”, the mistakes Andrew has made in the past, and how Acquire has grown to more than 30,000 subscribers (now 120,000+ in Feb 2022).


  • 0:00 Andrew Gazdecki Intro
  • 1:22 Launching a SaaS Company
  • 4:15 New Trend
  • 6:36 Business Model
  • 11:46 Building a Startup vs a Business
  • 14:49 Experience w/ Acquisitions
  • 17:14 Psychology Behind Selling
  • 23:22 “Hard Mode”
  • 30:03 One Man Band
  • 36:35 Shot Gun Approach
  • 38:01 Connect w/ Andrew Gazdecki
  • 38:33 Andrew Gazdecki’s Challenge to the Audience

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