Partners with Boopos to Fund Your Next Acquisition

The official partnership between and Boopos was announced in January to offer streamlined, non-dilutive business acquisition loans for small and medium-sized online businesses up to $2 million.

Juan Ignacio García, CEO of Boopos, joins Andrew to talk about acquisition financing, the nuances of revenue-based financing (RBF), and a few real-world scenarios of where RBF makes sense for both a buyer and seller.

Juan’s background is in private equity and previously was a CFO for a startup in Spain prior to founding Boopos in 2020. They raised a $58M Series A in September of 2022 and has solidified itself as a streamlined alternative to traditional banks or SBA loans, not to mention one of the only offerings for acquisition financing of online businesses outside of the U.S.

Boopos has been behind a bunch of acquisitions originated on, including the acquisition of FeedGeni. Boopos has also helped complete deals for Colin Keeley, a past guest of the Startup Acquisition Stories Podcast and an acquisition expert (he has his own course on buying startups).

If you need capital to buy a business, non-dilutive financing offered by Boopos is available to you within Sign up for your buyer account here, and then look for the “Finance with Boopos” tag on qualifying startups in the marketplace. Then follow these instructions:

1. Click the Finance with Boopos link on the startup you want to Acquire (see below). 

2. Complete the application form on Boopos’ website.

3. Refer to Boopos support if you need help. 

4. Get your financing. 

5. Acquire the startup!

If you’re a seller and want to offer pre-approved financing for your business prior to getting it listed, email Boopos directly at For any other questions, drop us a line at

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