Acquire and Pariti Team Up to Help Founders in Emerging Markets Unlock M&A Opportunities

As a founder, you can sometimes feel that the world is against you. While technology has made it easier to start a business, the old problems persist: How do you find the right people? Should you seek investment or bootstrap? How do you scale? Living in an underserved market only compounds these problems, making it harder to achieve your entrepreneurial goals. 

But what if you had the support of a community of founders and investors and access to the best talent? What if it were easy to Acquire or exit a business to fund growth or a new venture? Under the conditions for serial entrepreneurship, you not only flourish as a founder but solve problems and create economic opportunities that improve the lives of people across the world. 

In our mission to consolidate and streamline the acquisitions market, we’ve partnered with Pariti, a community marketplace serving entrepreneurs in over 40 African countries. Together, we aim to provide the infrastructure and support that helps founders in underserved markets find talent, raise capital, or Acquire or sell their startups to achieve their goals. 

Accelerating Positive Change

The African M&A market is small but growing at around six percent per year. Beyond traditional industries such as oil, gas, and telecoms, a new generation of tech entrepreneurs has taken on social causes like healthcare and banking the unbanked, underscoring the need for capital and entrepreneurial support throughout the continent. Pariti has stepped in to fill that gap. 

Acquire and Pariti Team Up to Help Founders in Emerging Markets Unlock M&A Opportunities

“Africa and emerging markets are in a renaissance and there are tremendous opportunities for founders to build businesses that elevate their communities,” said Yacob Berhane, Pariti’s co-founder and CEO. “Unfortunately, founders are limited by the resources available to them, and by enabling better access and helping them grow we can help founders achieve their goals.”

Pariti brings founders, talent, and investors together to build entrepreneurial infrastructure. Founders gain opportunities to patch up knowledge gaps and create fundraising networks that help them grow and thrive. Acquire will unlock access to 100,000s of buyers and 1,000s of vetted startups to help these entrepreneurs realize their potential. 

“Our partnership with Pariti opens acquisition opportunities to African founders on both the buy and sell side,” said Andrew Gazdecki, founder and CEO of Acquire. “Whether you’re pursuing growth through strategic acquisitions or want to exit to start another venture, our marketplace connects you with the people and technology to fulfil your ambitions.”

Enabling Life-Changing Exits

Pariti blends education with clear actionable steps towards predefined goals. Currently, Pariti’s “recommendation engine” crunches company data which the team assesses to provide bespoke feedback to founders. They might want to hire a new CTO or raise capital to extend their growth runway, for example, and Pariti provides the mentorship and connections to meet those goals. 

Where Pariti helps fuel entrepreneurship, Acquire helps plot its course. Exits needn’t be at billion-dollar valuations but when founders are ready to apply learned skills to new businesses. Capitalized founders who want to scale quickly, consolidate their product offering, or break into new markets could do so through acquisition rather than reinvent the wheel internally. 

“There’s a wave of M&A approaching the African startup space,” Yacob said. “Founders will want to grow through M&A and others will want to get Acquired. We saw the need and asked who could best meet it in the market. Acquire’s passion for founders aligns with our mission and we couldn’t be happier to partner with them to help founders achieve their goals.”

Entrepreneurship is one of the many pistons driving societal progress across the world. When we help founders solve today’s problems, our futures brighten. With Pariti, we hope to give founders the support they need at ground level up to an acquisition event and beyond.

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