Acquire and eCommerce Lending Team Up to Offer You Dilution-Free Financing on Ecommerce Acquisitions

Ecommerce is booming. In the US alone, it’s up almost 10 percent in Q2 2021. When you think of all the nastiness the world’s suffered over the past couple of years, it’s no surprise we’re buying more and doing more online. If anything, it continues a multiyear trend as the world shrinks and customers search online for the best deals. 

But enough of ecommerce trends – how do they impact acquisitions? Well, if you’re thinking of acquiring an ecommerce business, there’s no better time to do so. And if you’re in the market to sell one, the huge upside potential makes it a sellers’ market. It could be the best time to jump off or jump aboard, depending on which side of the table you sit. 

Today, I’m excited to share that we can help ecommerce businesses get Acquire’d with our recent partnership with eCommerce Lending. You can now apply for and receive acquisition financing for ecommerce startups right here on Acquire. No dilution, and no dead-end conversations with your bank manager. Just a clear path to closing. 

The Trouble With Traditional Financing

Imagine, for a moment, you want to buy a startup and have whittled down your selection to a handful of the best ecommerce businesses on Acquire. You reach out to their founders to discuss the details, and you’ve settled on the best fit. But wait – their asking price is beyond your means. You could try approaching a bank, but they tend to be risk-averse.

Okay, you think, I’ll try looking for investment. Few investors would turn down an opportunity as good as this one. But then, do you want to share that opportunity by giving away equity? Once the investor puts money in, you’re answerable to them for the lifetime of the startup. It might pose complications, especially if you disagree on direction or exit point. 

As you bump against these walls like a faulty Roomba, you realize the repercussions of a traditional debt or dilution deal, even if it helps meet the seller’s asking price, are a sore price to pay. Even if you paid that price, you’ve got to sing and dance to another’s tune to win their favor, who might also be too blinkered to understand the nuances of the ecommerce market. 

What now? 

eCommerce Lending Makes Financing Ecommerce Acquisitions Easy

Enter our awesome friends at eCommerce Lending. Experts in helping entrepreneurs find online business opportunities, they’ll also help you finance an acquisition with an SBA (Small Business Administration) loan so you retain 100 percent equity.

You’ve probably heard of SBA financing but might’ve been put off by its complexity. No worries. eCommerce Lending walks you through the entire application. They’ll also help you get prequalified so sellers know you’re serious. The outcome is more startups get Acquired – and we’re all about that! 

The SBA underwrites a large portion of financing, which makes institutional lending a realistic and friendly option. They typically come with interest rate caps, lower down payments, and longer terms. In other words, financing an acquisition with eCommerce Lending is the best debt financing platform outside of private arrangements – and they’ll lead you straight to approval.

Alrighty, I’m in. How Do I Get Financing From eCommerce Lending?


Visit the landing page below:

Get Financing with eCommerce Lending

Fill in the online form to get pre-qualified for financing

eCommerce Lending will review your application and determine how much financing you qualify for

Identify your ideal startup on Acquire – eCommerce Lending will help you screen those that qualify for financing

Finalize the financing process with eCommerce Lending and Acquire your chosen startup!

Currently, eCommerce Lending only offers financing for the acquisition of ecommerce, SaaS, and online startups in the US only

The next time you’re acquiring an ecommerce startup, consider eCommerce Lending to help close the deal. You could find the acquisition not only pays for itself sooner than expected but that eCommerce Lending’s support is worth the fee itself. Whatever you choose, remember you’re not alone – we’re here to support you.

Grab everything you need to get Acquire’d with prequalified financing and over 50 approved M&A advisors to help you close quickly, easily, and at the highest price.

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