Acquire Partners with to Make Acquisitions Safe, Fast, and Easy for Founders

Acquiring or selling a business can be stressful enough without also worrying about fraud, not getting what you paid for, or not getting paid at all. Whether you’re transferring assets or cash, you always have that worry in the back of your mind that it’ll all fall through. It might even put you off an acquisition for fear of losing out or being sucked into a protracted legal dispute. 

Thanks to and Acquire, you can put such worries to bed. Today, the world’s best startup acquisition marketplace and its partner,, the leading provider of secure online payments, have joined forces to give you peace of mind. Source or sell the best startups on Acquire, and will protect you and the other party in the transaction. 

“With so much business being done online, trust is paramount,” said Jackson Elsegood, General Manager at “It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling a car or a business, when you’re exchanging assets online for cash, you need reassurance that you’ll receive what you expect from the deal. We help you do that quickly, easily, and at low cost.” redrew the boundaries of the escrow industry as the first online service back in 1999. Since then, it has safely processed over US$5 billion in transactions in escrowed funds and protected over 1.4 million customers selling everything from Swiss watches to websites. Not only has this earned the company an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau, but also its coveted Ethics Award.  

“ is renowned for exceptional service and transactional safety,” said Andrew Gazdecki, founder and CEO of Acquire. “It’s our mission to help more startups get Acquired, and the safer we make that process, the more founders and entrepreneurs can enter into acquisitions with confidence. It’s this trust and transparency that fosters opportunity in M&A.”

Acquire has consolidated much of the acquisition process into its streamlined and founder-friendly marketplace. Founders can list, meet, and engage with over 120,000 buyers, pursuing conversations to a letter of intent and beyond. So far, founders and entrepreneurs have transacted offline, but the partnership with should help secure them. 

As soon as a founder agrees to a letter of intent (LOI) or acquisition purchase agreement (APA) with a buyer on Acquire, both can then enter an transaction. The buyer pays the purchase price, the seller transfers their startup’s assets, and once the buyer has confirmed the assets are as expected, will release funds to the seller. is the largest licensed and audited escrow provider for domains worldwide. Acquire’s founders and entrepreneurs can rest easy knowing they’re in safe hands when transferring assets and cash with its help. With both parties confident their needs are protected, they can move forward with transactions that might otherwise have never started.   

“You can take many paths through an acquisition but only one is fast, safe, and easy and that’s Acquire,” said Gazdecki. “Acquisitions should inspire pride not fear, and with, we impose fairness at the transactional level, giving every aspiring entrepreneur the reassurance to pursue their ambitions without fear of deception or fraud.”

Acquiring startups online might seem risky. You seldom meet the other party in person (they might not even live in your country), and it can be difficult to establish trust through phone and video calls alone. Before, you might have had to capitulate to the other party in the transaction, hoping they upheld their end of the deal. But with, everyone gets what they expected – or no one does. 

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