3 Ways To Make Growing And Selling Your Startup Easier

Why read this?

If you’re trying to sell your startup, you’ve probably got a lot of things to consider. Not only will you be looking for the right buyer, deal, and timing, but you’ll be working to best position your company for a sale. You may also be in need of a straightforward source of financing for potential buyers and a network to help you find and seal the deal.

Suffice it to say, selling your startup is a big decision, and it takes a lot of work to bring an acquisition to fruition. Even though there are lots of companies out there looking to Acquire, and lots of founders like you with great companies to sell, the mergers and acquisitions process has historically been long, full of hurdles, and cumbersome for all parties.

And we, like you, think it’s time for a change that makes things faster, easier, and more efficient.

That’s why Acquire and Pipe have partnered to offer you a new way to unlock and finance mergers and acquisitions—whether you’re selling a SaaS company, D2C subscription business, service business, or something else entirely. You shouldn’t have to have a giant network or a mountain of liquid cash to sell a solid company—and now you don’t.

Who is this for?

If you’re a founder looking to sell your company, this is the guide for you.

If your goal is a successful sale without all the age-old struggles and delays, we’ll share some key strategies to make things smoother.

We’ve also got a few bonus tips on how you can leverage Acquire and Pipe to streamline the acquisition process. Acquire is a startup acquisition marketplace that allows you to connect directly with buyers to find the right deal. Pipe is a trading platform for recurring revenue that provides non- dilutive financing at a minimal cost of capital so you can grow your business in advance of acquisition and enter the sale in a better position.

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